Arty Movie Interest – The Raven (a film based on Edgar Allen Poe)

So it’s only fiction, the plot is not about Edgar Allen Poe’s real life but rather a homage to his stories.

Here’s a film you’d assume was directed by Tim Burton. The trailer is just a teaser leaving only a glimpse of gruesome murders. You’ve heard it all before, the killer copies the writer, it’s nothing new. Although maybe a bit more tense when you’ve read the stories of Edgar Allen Poe. This could be the dark horse of 2012 as the director James Mcteigue if you remember also directed V for Vendetta, underrated but brilliant. Here’s hoping The Raven is as dark, artistic and gruesome as Edgar’s writing.


Top 10 Artistic Movie Gems

So your watching the TV with the usual B movie action films, same boring predictable storyline. Boy meets girl, girl gets kidnapped, MI5 undercover cop with an unconventional style chases the clues and inevitably rescues her. Are you bored yet?

Try the following instead. These are the undiscovered Gems you may never have heard of. From brilliant acting to just plain surreal.

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