Best Top Must See Vintage & Art Shops in Manchester to Visit

A brilliant vintage clothing shop based in the northern quarter towards the end of Oldham street. Full to the brim with beautiful 1950s style dresses. Also if you are on the plus size side like myself you’ll love the range of sizes this shop offers.



Thunder Egg
Also based in the Northern quarter a lovely shop for nik naks, handmade bags, vintage clothing and a fabulous range of purses and wallets. My particular favourite being the fluff brand.


Magma Books
Right next to Thunger Egg sits a small perfectly formed commercial book shop. You won’t find one like it anywhere. A must see store for designers. If your a designer and visit or work in Manchester this the book shop to check out. A brilliant resource of inspiration.


Junk – Sustainable Fashion Made in Manchester
A fabulous clothing and jewellery shop on Dale Street Junk stands out as a fascinating and beautifully arranged shop. The displays are so fancy looking they are more like works of art than shopping. You will be drawn in to touch and feel the bits of vintage and antique jewellery.



Nexus Art Cafe
Based in a basement next to Junk is a lovely little cafe and artists area. They even do life drawing lessons in the evenings every week. This is one of Manchester’s nice little gems for meeting with friends for arty chat and coffee.


Whittard – mmm I just love their coffee and hot chocolate. Forget cadburys you’ll never have so much choice here. I recommend white chocolate and marshmallows at Christmas.


Lush –
Looking for that perfect soapy gift for your mum or sister. walking into lush makes your decision much easier as you are hit with the smell of handmade soapynisciousness if that word did exist it would describe lush soaps.



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